patsy pantybulge

only fully shaved-flat-chested-gurls and very natural breasted-boys here .. sexy little man-eaters are not allowed to relay on silicone breast for male attraction .. it makes them lazy and spoiled .. these boys work hard to please their female owners and their male clientele ;-) | none of this stuff is mine | all from the web | if you want it off,send me a message

let’s be honest here .. we all know what these gurls are .. sure they wear the obligatiore bra’s , that we like so much .. but we know it’s just to look as girly as possible .. and yes they wear stockings and heels like pro street walkers ;-)
but what can they really do .. to get some real men attention?!

… theyll suck till they drop .. Cocks up the ass and down their throat till they faint .. cose it’s the only way to get some real men attention ;-))